Create a Playlist By You

Please take special note- Creating a Playlist with an already downloaded Bible will not allow for offline use

A great feature offers is the ability to create a personalized playlist, specially created by you, that can be shared with anyone! Follow the steps below to do this:

Step 1

To get started navigate to My Library and select the Playlists subfolder. 

The Playlist subfolder in My Library houses all Playlists by You and Featured Playlists you are following

Step 2

Select the + to the top right corner.

Step 3

Give Your Playlist a Name and Save.

Step 4

Tap on Go To Bible to start creating your playlist

Step 5

Add individual verses by navigating to your preferred Bible, tap and underline a verse. Select the + to add that verse to your existing playlist. (Please note, this option may not be available on all Bible versions)


To add an entire chapter to your playlist tap the three dot menu to the bottom left of the Chapter Detail and select Add to Playlist or Plan!

Edit a Playlist by You

  • Select on a Playlist you have created and then Edit 

  • Select and drag to reorder

  • Tap SAVE to save changes

  • Swipe to delete items

Stop or Delete a Plan by You

Navigate to My Playlists subfolder, swipe left and select the trashcan icon. 

***Please take note, this action is not reversible.

Deleting a playlist is a permanent change***