Highlight- A tool to mark a verse(s) in multiple color choices, to be displayed in a way that stands out

Please take note,  will not function properly if a Bible has special characters (* +). 

Highlight a Single Verse    


Step 1                       

From the chapter view, tap & underline the desired verse to be highlighted


From the chapter view, tap & underline multiple verses, consecutively, until the desired amount of verses have been selected. Also selecting the first and last verse of a large section of the chapter will enable you to bookmark multiple verses at once. 

Step 2

Select & tap a Highlight color for the verse  

Note: To remove a Highlight, simply tap & underline the previously highlighted verse(s) and select the HIGHLIGHT icon again! 

Saved Bookmarks, Highlights and Notes can be found by going to My Library, third icon, and selecting the specific subfolder 

Tip: Have a question? Reach out by email to support@bible.is or use the chat feature inside the app!