Selecting a Bible to Download

Please take special note- Creating a Plan or Playlist with a downloaded Bible will not allow for offline use

1. Find and select a Bible version (i.e. NIV, ESV) 

2. On the My Bible page, you can select "Download All".

Playing Downloaded Bible(s) for Offline Use

1. Simply navigate to My Bible, book icon, tap on the dropdown directly next to the current Bible name and select the downloaded Bible you would like to listen to while offline from the list shown.  Here is an example:



Please note: The size of one downloaded Bible is comparable to downloading 1,189 songs About 3GB of memory

Deleting Individual Chapters Downloads

1. Go to My Bible

2. Tap on the Chapter you'd like to delete 

3. Select the three dots > "Delete Chapter Download"

 Deleting Entire Bible(s) Downloads

1. Go to My Bible

2. Tap on the "Delete Download" button