Enjoy Gospel Films in hundreds of languages on Bible.is! 

To get started navigate to the main DISCOVER  page.

Find and tap the Gospel Films thumbnail towards the center of the page

Here are some of the features included:

Share a Gospel Films Profile

Change Bible or Language 

Playing Gospel Films

Watch Gospel Films from My Bible

  1. Find and Tap on My Bible  and select a Bible version.

  2.  Select New Testament by tapping and red line will appear.

  3. Find a New Testament Book with the video icon  and choose a chapter.

  4. Tap the video icon at the top right of the screen and choose a clip to start watching.

  5. Once your preferred clip is selected, viewing Gospel Films and Bible text will appear to enable split viewing to allow read along/scroll option. 

  6. Tap on video icon to stop Gospel Films at any time.