One of the great features offers is Jesus Films. This tool allows our users the ability to watch the full Bible in segmented clips or the entire Bible at one time. 



To get started, find and tap the Jesus Films on the DISCOVER  page

Change Bible or Language 

  1. Tap CHANGE LANGUAGE option.

  2. Next, Search for a language.

  3.  A list of clips will appear, select one to get started.

Playing Jesus Film

  1. Clips are split up into separate scenes for convenient viewing.

  2. Or select the red play button to watch the film in its entirety. 

  3. In full screen mode maneuvering through the film is easy |<  allows you to navigate the previous clip, || Pause/Play and >| allows you to navigate to the next clip.

Share your favorite clips

  1. Share your favorite clips by selecting ... at the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Select Share Clip and choose the options available for sharing.  

  3. Select the X at the top left corner of the screen when you are ready to close out Gospel Films. 

Watch Jesus Films from My Bible

  1. Find and Tap on My Bible  and select a Bible version.

  2.  A red line will appear under Old Testament by default.

  3. Find the chapter with the video icon  and select.

  4. Tap the video icon at the top right of the screen and select a clip to start watching.

  5. Once the clip is selected, Jesus Films and Bible text will appear to allow read along/scroll option while watching the film.  

  6. Tap video icon once again to stop Jesus Films at any time. 

Note: Jesus Films may be found in the following Chapters:

Genesis 1

Isaiah 53

Luke 1