Have you ever wanted to listen to Featured Plans or Plans Created by You in a different language or Bible translation? Here's how to do that! 

Changing Bible versions or the Language for Plans with parallel audio, is simple and can be done by following these steps:

Step 1

From Discover tap on "View All" next to Featured Plans to view a complete list of plans we offer on Bible.is

Step 2

Tap on a Plan and select "Change Bible or Language"

Step 3

In the Search bar enter your preferred language with parallel audio. Or English to find the full list of English Translations such as KJV, NIV and others, then select the Bible you would like to listen to the Featured Plan in      

Step 4

Select Save and tap on Start Plan to start listening in your favorite language or Bible version

Please note you will need to be logged in to Save a Plan and changes made

Please Notice!

To find your changed plan simply go to My Library, third icon at the bottom, and select the Plans subfolder.