By default Playlists created by you and Featured Playlists will auto-repeat. Simply creating a Playlist By You (tap the link) will allow you to listen to your favorite verse(s) or chapters on repeat! 

Playlists By You
Create a Playlist (you must be logged in to do this)

Step 1
Navigate to My Library and select the Playlist subfolder

Step 2

Tap on the + in top right corner and give your Playlist a name and Save

Step 3

Select the Go to Bible buttonNext, use your current Bible version or select a different version by tapping on the down arrow. Please note: To instantly create a playlist simply perform a keyword search in Search your Bible bar, and select the PLAY button at the top right of the screen. 


Add verses to your Playlist By You by tapping and underlying individual verses and tap on the +. Or whole chapters by tapping on the three ... menu to the bottom left of the page and select Add to Playlist or Plan

Step 4

Once your preferred verse or chapter has been selected you will need to find your newly created playlist and simply select. Your verse or chapter will automatically be added to the playlist you have selected and you will immediately be dropped back into My Bible

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