Chapter Settings- Let's take a journey together to learn how to personalize the chapter view for your preferred Bible!

To find the Chapter Settings page simply tap on the three line menu to the bottom left of any chapter

#1 Audio Options- The settings that control how the audio sounds, speed and an option to automatically shut audio off. 

  • 1A- Background Music- Sliding the toggle for this feature to the right enables Background Music (Drama). Sliding the toggle to the left disables Background Music (Nondrama)

  • 1B- Speed- Tap - to slow down reading speeds tap + to speed up reading speeds

  • 1C- Sleep Timer- Allows you to choose a specified amount of minutes, before the app stops playing. The number of minutes available to choose from are set up in 10 minute increments up to 60 minutes.

#2 Text Options- The settings that control how the audio sounds, speed and when to shut the audio.

  • 2B-Text Size- Simply slide the red dot to the left for a smaller text and to the right for a larger text

  • 2C- Background Color- White= White background with black text for entire app
                                            Black= Black background with white text for entire app

  • 2D- Font- Available fonts are as follows= Roboto
                                                                        Roboto Slab

  • 2E- Auto-Scroll- Enables the displayed text to move up automatically while the audio is playing. Swipe toggle to the right to enable, left to disable 

  • 2F- One Verse Per Line- Displays one verse per line when enabled

  • 2G- Hide Verse Numbers- Allows for reading with or without displaying verse numbers

  • 2H- Justified Text- Allows for alignment of verses when enabled