houses thousands of different Bible versions available in languages across the globe! If you are feeling the itch to explore what is available, below is the how-to:

1. Select My Bible

Under “My Bible”, you will see a Bible version and its correlated language.

2. Select the and then Search

Tip:  If the desired version is not listed right away, search for the language or country that the version would be listed under.

3. Begin typing in the Bible version name, language, or country associated with the Bible version

Once you have found the version you desire, select it to make it your Bible.

    Tip: The icons under the Bible version will indicate the content we have available for that version. If audio icon is not present, you will not be able to listen to that Bible.

4. Desired Bible should appear at the top of the screen! 

You have successfully changed your Bible.  Feel free to explore this Bible version or go back through the steps above to discover thousands more!